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Internal Controls Training

The New York State Governmental Accountability, Audit, and Internal Control Act on 1987 requires all State-operated campuses to establish and maintain a system of internal controls and an ongoing internal control program.

As part of the College’s responsibility to apply sound internal control practices, we are required by state law to ensure all employees are aware of what internal controls are and make clear to them their responsibilities for making internal controls effective.

All employees are required to complete a short mandatory training session regarding internal controls, and the employee’s responsibility to uphold them. This training must be completed on an annual basis by every College employee, including Adjunct Faculty members, part-time employees, and REOC staff.

Anyone who supervises and is responsible for performance evaluations for other employees, or is employed in an administrative role, must complete the EXECUTIVE/SUPERVISOR training module.

All other employees must complete the FACULTY/STAFF module.

Student employees are not required to participate. It bears repeating that Internal Control regulations mandate all employees, including Adjunct Faculty and other part-time employees, must complete this training on an annual basis. Managers, department heads and chairs are responsible for ensuring all employees under their supervision complete the appropriate training module no later than the close of business Wednesday, February 28.

Please be advised that if you view the video in full screen, you will need to minimize that screen to proceed to the quiz. Do not exit out of the browser prior to completing the quiz or your training will not be recorded as complete.

The online training modules are available at the link below.

If you have any questions regarding the mandatory training, please contact Melissa Wight at or (585) 395-2384. Your support to ensure full participation by February 28 is greatly appreciated.



Melissa Wight, or 395-2384

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