2018 Academic Advising Award Nomination: The College at Brockport

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2018 Academic Advising Award Nomination

Has your adviser helped you reach for the stars? Nominate them for the Academic Advisement Award.

Students and faculty are invited to submit nominations for the 2018 Academic Advising Award.

Has your advisor helped you reach for the stars? Along the path to your academic goals, has there been one faculty or staff member who has given you outstanding advice? Has the advice influenced your outlook on a career path or your perspective on your involvement at Brockport? Is your advisor the “go-to person” for all things academic? Has your advisor helped you to gain information about or admission to graduate school? Have you observed a colleague going above and beyond in advising students?

Thank that outstanding advisor or recognize your colleague by nominating him or her for the Academic Advising Award. Nominations are due on Friday, March 2, at 5 pm. The process is easy. Just fill out a short form that can be found at the link below.




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