TIAA Financial Education Webinars: The College at Brockport

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TIAA Financial Education Webinars

Spring cleaning your finances can help keep your goals on track. Reserve your spot today.

TIAA is hosting a series of Financial Education Webinars. Highlighted topics include:

Special Topic: Retirement Plans—Know the rules

Your retirement assets will play a significant role in creating your retirement income,

however, there are many rules surrounding your use of these assets. When can I start taking

distributions? When must I start taking distributions? What happens when I leave them to my

loved ones?

March 13 at 12 pm (ET)

Special Topic: Dismantling myths about annuities

Annuities are commonly misunderstood financial products in the marketplace. You can learn

about their unique characteristics so you can determine if they should be part of your overall

financial plan.

March 14 at 12 pm (ET)

Sessions are held throughout the month of March and you can reserve your spot online.

Please see the attached flyer for more information on the upcoming webinars and for the link to register.



Kallee Quill,

Human Resources

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