Students help at Escuela Intermedia Santiago Torres in Las Peidras, PR: The College at Brockport

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Students help at Escuela Intermedia Santiago Torres in Las Peidras, PR

Brockport students and faculty help with post-Maria rehabilitation of an intermediate school in Las Piedras, Puerto Rico.

Brockport students, Kiera McGrath (GEL '20), Jodi Chin (ENV '18), Andrew Hamelink (MET '21), Kathleen Irwin (ENV '18), Ryan Biel (ENV '19) and Victoria Kaptein (ENV MS '20) accompanied Dr. Mark Noll (Earth Science) to Puerto Rico over spring break to conduct research and assess the damage caused by Hurricane Maria. While there, they took a day from their work to help with rehabilitation efforts at the Escuela Intermedia Santiago Torres in Las Piedras. The school for students in grades 6-8 is in the area in which Dr. Noll is conducting research. With only one maintenance worker on staff and limited funding, work is moving slowly. Over the course of the day, the Brockport crew was able to remove debris and clean one classroom and remove debris from a second. Maybe even more important than the cleaning, was making new friends with the students.

At first, the students were shy, but by the end of the day, there was more talking than work. When the hurricane was mentioned, one student commented that "it was horrible, and seemed to go on forever, but now we're good". This resilient spirit is in contrast to half of the students still lacking electricity and most had gone for nearly 3 months without water at home after the hurricane.


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