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Become a Deliberative Dialogue Facilitator

Deliberative Dialogues offer the chance to explore important social issues in a format that fosters shared understanding and civic learning. On April 9, Community Development will offer a workshop to teach you how to facilitate this type of dialogue.

Join us on Monday, April 9, from 1 to 4 pm in the Eagle's Lookout in Tuttle for a facilitator training session on using Deliberative Dialogue and Issues Forums to further conversations in our campus community.

Deliberative Dialogues are an opportunity to engage in discussions around a variety of topics of public concern. "Unlike debate, or lecture, or an airing of grievances, deliberation asks us to begin with what we hold most dear and share our personal experiences with a given issue. It’s not about reaching agreement or seeing eye-to-eye. It’s about looking at the costs and consequences of possible solutions to daunting problems, and finding out what we, as a people, will or will not accept as a solution." (

This workshop is free for faculty, staff, and students of The College at Brockport and is open to all. Please preregister using the link provided.



Kim Piatt, or Sidnee McDonald,

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