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Submit a workshop proposal for the 2018 Diversity Conference.

2018 Diversity Conference, Thursday, September 20, 2018

"Building a Strategic Roadmap for Inclusive Excellence”

PROPOSAL DUE DATE: Saturday, May 19, 2018


The Diversity Conference seeks to promote open-mindedness, celebrate diversity, and promote awareness of divergent views on our college campus and within our communities. The conference also serves as a forum in which to establish or enhance self-awareness in relation to community building endeavors.


This year’s theme, “Building a Strategic Roadmap for Inclusive Excellence,” emphasizes the actions of Respect, Compassion and Open-mindedness to create a stronger and more positive learning, working and living environment for all Brockport students, faculty, staff (including Rochester Downtown Campus, REOC, Visual Studies Workshop campuses) and the community. We will explore important values that help us build and nurture our community through dialogue that addresses the challenges that face our society, as well as our growth in understanding and acting upon issues of diversity and inclusive excellence. Our goal is to encourage a positive climate on campus, within the community and the world through teaching, inspiring and helping others.


This year, we ask that all proposed presentations relate to the conference theme "Building a Strategic Roadmap for Inclusive Excellence,” intentionally focusing and referencing the four (4) Diversity Strategic Plan Priorities/Goals for The College at Brockport. The Brockport Strategic Plan Goals for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) include:

Goal 1: Achieve a balance of representation in faculty and staff in line with student population, and national, state, and regional demographics; and maintain a commitment to retention and promotion of minority and underrepresented faculty and staff.

Goal 2: Achieve a balance of representation in student body population in line with state demographics; and maintain a commitment to retention, completion, and academic success of minority and underrepresented students.

Goal 3: Ensure that curriculum, programming, and/or trainings educate all incoming students, faculty, and staff and are available to current students, faculty, and staff in issues of social equity and the ability to speak to each other across differences as part of the College’s commitment to inclusive community, diverse engagement, academic excellence, and self-transformation.

Goal 4: Continue to build and maintain an inclusive and positive campus climate for every member in which to foster internal and external community building on the campus, local, regional, and international levels in which diversity is valued and inclusion and equity are shared imperatives.

We invite and encourage proposals from students, faculty, staff and community organizations, partners and local/regional/state industry entities (educational and professional). We request proposals for seventy-five minute (75 min) presentation sessions that relate to the conference theme. Presentations should focus on research or evidence-based actions that result in awareness, knowledge and skill development referencing one or more of the Brockport Diversity Strategic Plan Goals.

Programs may include one or more of the following EDI relevant suggested categories:

• Culturally responsive/relevant practices and teaching strategies in engaging diverse populations

• Effective recruitment and retention efforts of underrepresented populations

• Utilizing diversity data as a benchmark for systemic and strategic change

• Increasing equity, diversity and inclusion ownership to all stakeholders

• Recognizing and addressing power, privilege and difference

• Gender Equity

• Restorative Justice Initiatives

• Social and cultural differences (e.g. race, language, socio-economic class, religious beliefs, sexuality, etc.)

• Policy development for practices of inclusive excellence

• Impact of media/social media on EDI advancement efforts

To submit a proposal for the 2018 Diversity Conference, please complete the online application form (link below).

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Saturday, May 19, 2018

NOTE: Speakers accepted for Educational Sessions at this conference do not receive honorarium, speaker’s fee or reimbursement of expenses associated with presenting at this conference. Presentation supplies and copying services are not provided. All presentations may be recorded for rebroadcast on campus for educational purposes.



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