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Recent Scholarly Activity by the School of Business and Management Faculty

Congratulations to the following faculty for their most recent scholarly activities: Melissa Waite, Barry Hettler, Susan Stites-Doe, and our new colleague Amir Bahman Radnejad (due to join us in fall 2018) for their achievements below.

1. A. Bahman Radnejad’s paper, "A great technology that failed: Barriers to radical process innovation", has been accepted in Academy of Management (AOM) Conference 2018, August 10-14.

2. Barry Hettler’s paper “Counting the Cost of Options: An Analysis of Employee Stock Option Expense” has been accepted to the 2018 Ohio Region American Account Association Conference to be held April 27 and 28 in Cleveland, OH.

3. J. Bhadury was invited to present a seminar entitled “Problems, Problems Everywhere, Not a Solution In Sight: Two New Facility Location Models” at the Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering, University at Buffalo-SUNY on March 16, 2017.

4. M. L. Waite, (2018). “Disparaging, Disloyal and Defamatory Social Media Posts: Cases in the Crosshairs of the National Labor Relations Act.” has been accepted for publication in Journal of Social Media for Organizations.

5. M. L. Waite (2017). “When Social Media Policy Broadsides Federal Labor Laws: An Era of Strong-Arming by the National Labor Relations Board” was published in the Proceedings of the 12th Annual Business Research Consortium Conference.

6. S. Stites-Doe’s paper, co-authored with two other colleagues, entitled "Mending the gaps: An exercise in identifying and understanding diverse and multicultural team fault lines," has been accepted for publication at Organization Management Journal.


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