When Spring Has Sprung, There’ll Be “Love in Bloom”: The College at Brockport

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When Spring Has Sprung, There’ll Be “Love in Bloom”

Art Songs or Love Songs? The Brockport College-Community Chorus Lets You Decide

Regardless of the finicky weather, or the state of your garden, it will be “Love in Bloom” at the Brockport College-Community Chorus concert on Saturday, May 5, 2018. The concert, which starts at 7:30 pm, will be held at the Tower Fine Arts Center Mainstage. Tickets are $17/General, $12/Senior Citizens, Brockport Alumni, Faculty and Staff, and $9/Students.

The concert is the first one under the baton of Elizabeth Banner, a lecturer in the Department of Theatre and Music Studies, who has recently taken over the music direction of the Chorus.

When programming the concert, Banner managed to capture aspects of love from the ridiculous to the sublime. On the ridiculous end of the spectrum would be Johannes Brahms’ Liebeslieder Waltzes. It’s not that the Waltzes are ridiculous; it’s that Brahms’ love life was a little bizarre. After allegedly carrying on an affair with an older woman, pianist Clara Schumann, wife of Brahms’ friend, composer Robert Schumann, Brahms wrote 18 songs that comprise the Waltzes, focusing on a younger woman. One begins with “an amorous request to a young maiden and ends with these words: ‘My soul trembles with love, desire and grief, when it thinks of you.’” Susan Youens—amongst other music historians—feels that Robert and Clara’s daughter, Julie, is the maiden in question, especially considering how “devastated” Brahms was when Clara told him of Julie’s engagement.

At the other end of the spectrum is Eric Whitacre’s setting of “Five Hebrew Love Songs.” Whitacre was invited, with his then-girlfriend, soprano Hila Plitmann, to give a concert with a third college friend. When the friend asked Whitacre to write something for the three of them to play together, Whitacre asked Plitman—who was born and raised in Israel—to write him a few “postcards” in her native Hebrew. He writes that “a few days later she presented me with these exquisite and delicate Hebrew poems… Each of the songs captures a moment that Hila and I shared together. ‘Kala Kalla’ (which means ‘light bride’) was a pun I came up with while she was first teaching me Hebrew.”

The concert will also feature works by DiLasso, Lauridson, Mulholland, Meader, and Stoope.



Tower Fine Arts Center Box Office: (585) 395-2787

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