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Annual Faculty and Librarian Reporting

As the end of the semester nears, the yearly tradition of working on your Annual Activity Report will be coming into full swing.

We have been working with Digital Measures to enhance the Activity Insight system to allow for easier entry of your activities. We are also incorporating a workflow system that allows you to submit reports directly to your chairs and deans through Activity Insight.

Changes you will notice in Activity Insight:

• Tabs across the top of the pages instead of on the left of your screen

• Screen revisions – the look and feel have been modified

• Entry of Teaching and Librarian Faculty Narratives have changed – you will receive an email when the system is ready for you to submit your report – and this is where you will enter your narratives. Until this happens, it is recommended that you select the link below “Narrative Documents” – according to your position to download a Word file – and document your narratives/reflections. When the Activity Insight system emails you, you will then be able to copy and paste your comments into the system.

• The NEW Workflow:

1. Enter all of your activities in Activity Insight

2. Open the Workflow tab at the top of your Activity Insight screen

3. Open the item in your Activity Insight inbox (click on the link sent to your Brockport email)

4. Enter/Paste your narratives/reflections

5. Once you submit to your chair, they will review, comment and submit back to you for review and comment. When you are finished, the report will travel back to the chair who will submit the package to the Dean for review and comment. Once the dean has finished, the report will then be sent back to the faculty member/librarian for review.

Please understand we are working on the system daily and you may experience challenges. As this process is new, we expect there will be some issues, which we will work through as quickly as we can once we are aware of them.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact Jeff Thompson, x2061 or

Thank you for your time and attention.


Jeff Thompson & Jim Haynes


Contact: or

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