Memoir of 1944: The College at Brockport

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Memoir of 1944

A recently digitized scrapbook.

The scrapbook discussed here is both a memoir of the Class of 1944 and a tribute to then President Ernest Hartwell, who was retiring that year. Colleges across the country were, like Brockport, riding out the tumult of WWII on the home front as best they could. Even with many students leaving for military service, they carried on with course work and the social activities of that time, and this scrapbook with its many photographs and comments captures that era vividly. Since the text is predominantly handwritten, you may choose to view it as a test of your ability to still read cursive handwriting. ;-)

There are some notable alumni in the book, for example Peg Hare Browne, who later taught in the old campus school and then our education department. After retirement, she was a champion booster of the college as both an emeriti and an alumna. She had become personal friends with Dr. Hartwell and his wife, and after his death, Mrs. Hartwell gave the scrapbook to Peg, who in turn gave it to the archives many years later.

Nellie Gansworth was in this class, too. She was a Tuscarora from the Lewiston reservation and, in addition to a career as a school teacher, she and her husband were active informants for a dictionary of the Tuscarora language.

Enjoy your visit to 1944!



Charlie Cowling,


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