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Markus Hoffmann Publishes 50th Peer-Reviewed Journal Article

Markus Hoffmann, Professor in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, reaches a milestone in his scholarly productivity. His 50th peer-reviewed journal article has just been accepted by The Journal of Physical Chemistry C.

The research interests of Markus Hoffmann, Professor in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, have been centered on green solvents from the very beginning of his research career. His studies under Prof. Conradi as a graduate student at Washington University utilized Nuclear Magnetic Resonance spectroscopy to better understand hydrogen bonding in supercritical water, methanol and ethanol. As post-doc with the supercritical fluids group at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, he studied coordination and complex chemistry in sub- and supercritical water. When he joined The College in 2000, he shifted his focus on ionic liquids, a research field that has grown form a couple hundred publications annually at that time to presently ~8000 publications per year. Recently, however, he concluded his research projects with ionic liquids and is now focusing on nonionic surfactants as green media for chemical synthesis and processing. Even though nonionic surfactants are very benign (non-toxic, biodegradable, low vapor pressure), these are not yet widely recognized as opportune green solvent media. Professor Hoffmann is presently a Mercator Fellow with the research group of Professor Buntkowsky at the Technical University Darmstadt, where he spent a sabbatical in the fall of 2015 as well as additional research stays during the summer months of the ensuing years. The 50th peer-reviewed journal article is a product from a collaborative research project with the Buntkowsky group as well as researchers in Russia. A complete listing of the 50 peer-reviewed journal publications and other scholarly work is provided at the link below for the curious reader.



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