Important Parking Permit Information: The College at Brockport

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Important Parking Permit Information

Freshman residents, commuter, faculty, and staff 2018-19 parking permits are now available for purchase. Lottery for a Premium Space. Other resident permit info.

Freshmen, commuters, employees: Purchase your permit online today! All permits will be mailed to your permanent address. Visit and click on “My Parking Account” or simply click on the link below to purchase your permit today. Order by July 31.

Employees and commuters: Looking for the convenience of 'owning' your own space for one academic year? Premium reserved parking is available in some lots for $458.65, includes cost of one permit. If interested, enter into the drawing by completing and returning the form to PTS by July 20.

Resident Upperclass Students - reserve early: (Eagle Hall & Townhome Students see below) August 14 - Yellow permits, which allow for closer parking, are limited in quantity and sold to seniors first for $150.90 annually. August 17 - If not sold out, juniors and sophomores may purchase a yellow permit. Once they’re sold out you may add yourself to the waiting list. Then purchase a red permit. Exchanges will be made if you are reached on the list.

Do not add yourself to the waitlist or purchase a red permit until yellow permits have been sold out.

Townhome Resident Students: Purple permits are available online starting August 14 for $150.90 annually.

Eagle Hall Resident Students:

For Seniors, a limited quantity of purple permits, which allows parking in lot Y (Townhomes) is available on a first-come, first-serve basis, beginning August 14. Red permits (lot V1 & X) are available for all resident students, starting August 14. Once sold out, you may add yourself to the purple waitlist.



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