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New College Senate File in FileCity2 for all Approved Resolutions

New file in FileCity2 to provide read only access for all faculty and staff to all College Senate Approved Resolutions

In the effort to have greater communication and transparency, a new file has been created to access the College Senate Approved Resolutions. IT has created a new file city 2 folder in a "read only" file for all faculty and staff. This folder is called: College_Senate_Approved_Resolutions and has all resolutions dating back to 1967. You will need to map your computer to this folder.

For instructions on how to map the share please see:

When prompted for the "Folder" to map please enter: \\\COLLEGE_SENATE_APPROVED_RESOLUTIONS

If you have any issues please contact IT at 395-5151.

As resolutions are signed, they will be added to this file. Hopefully this will lead to greater communication and transparency for all.


Kathy Peterson, College Senate President

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