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New Professional Search Procedure Training

This training will include a review of our professional search procedures, best practices related to recruitment, and a review of how to use the EagleEmploy applicant tracking system.

As part of our continuing effort to improve our recruitment practices, The Office of Human Resources has made several enhancements to EagleEmploy, our applicant tracking system, and created instructional guides to help search committees better understand our search procedures and processes. If you have not attended search training within the past year, please attend a session. Sessions are now being offered specifically for faculty and professional searches. We also encourage you to visit Blackboard where you will find under “My Organizations”, a link to Human Resources Search Information. Click on Content in the Navigation Bar and you will see numerous file folders and documents including a search procedure checklist, forms, and information on interviewing and reference checking.

Below are the session dates and times:

- August 31, 1-4 pm

- September 5, 1-4 pm

- September 20, 9 am-noon

- October 9, 9 am-noon

- November 7, 1-4 pm

- November 30, 9 am-noon

- December 10, 1-4 pm



Please contact the Office of Human Resources at x2126.

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