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EagleSUCCESS Is Here to Help: Training and Reminders

EagleSUCCESS can make your job easier! EagleSUCCESS allows you to communicate directly with your students and connect them to the resources they need. Let us help you figure out how to best use all the resources.

Our students are back and want to be successful.

The new Academic Success Center is open for business, but we need your help.

Faculty and teaching staff who routinely used EagleSUCCESS for messaging and appointment scheduling last year said it made all the difference in the world. It helps foster relationships with students, engage students with their development and makes advising so much easier.

We are available to come to department meetings or to meet with faculty one-on-one!

Remember: All flags and kudos go directly to your students!

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Thomas Chew, tchew@brockport.edu

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