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Sign up to mentor a student in the Green Leadership Certificate

Each year, more than 150 faculty and staff volunteer to mentor a student in the first level of our nationally recognized Leadership Development Program. Make a difference in the lives of our students by enhancing their personal and professional growth.

The College at Brockport's award winning Leadership Development Program offers students the opportunity to engage in personal and professional growth outside the classroom. Each year, hundreds of students benefit from the expertise of our faculty and staff mentors who volunteer their time to meet with students.

Students in the first level of the program attend bi-weekly workshops and events while meeting regularly with their mentors. As a mentor, your role would be to provide support, guidance and a listening ear to students at the beginning of their leadership journey.

Mentors come from all disciplines and backgrounds - the most essential attribute is a willingness to engage with our students. We offer training and workshops throughout the year to help you strengthen your skills.

The preferred deadline for mentors to sign up is Friday, September 21.

Additionally, if you know a student who has a great deal of potential and would benefit from the program, encourage them to sign up by September 21 as well!



Kim Piatt, Community Development,

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