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Bring your fork!

75 years ago in The Stylus...

Here's a little something from The Stylus of October 14, 1943. To put it in context a bit, in those days the varsity sports were the men's sports. Women's sports were played at a sort of "club" level, intramural mostly, although as time went on women's sports club members would play against women's sports clubs at other schools, but it wasn't until well into the 1960s that women's sports moved to the sort of level of intramural play men's sports had long enjoyed. (Note: this would be a great topic for a student research project!)

Some other interesting aspects of the story are the mentions of rationing cards, it was WWII on the home front of course, and the "tomato pack" reference is to a school war effort project, student's volunteering to help can tomatoes at a local food processing plant.



Charlie Cowling,


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