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The Reality Tour

The Rochester Social Welfare Action Alliance (SWAA) is currently in its 17th year of providing Reality Tours. Many of the organizers are Brockport Social Work faculty, interns, and alumni.

The Reality Tour is a community education tool that makes poverty in Rochester visible to a wide range of community members. The project is a result of collaboration between social work students, human service workers, community-based agencies, local poor people’s organizations, and individuals living in poverty. The Tours take participants to key locations which symbolize the funding priorities of local, state,and federal governments, and visit locations such as county social service offices, shelters, and sub-standard schools. The tour ‘guides’ include human service workers, welfare rights activists, county welfare workers, and people who are poor.

The Reality Tour explores the impact of local, state and federal welfare policies, and common myths about welfare reform are explored. It also help participants "connect the dots" between issues such as unemployment, street violence and drug addiction, low wage work and the need for homeless shelters, and lack of health insurance and poverty. The Reality Tour focuses on community education as an advocacy strategy. Registration is open until October 17.


Barbara Kasper, 395-5509 or

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