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The Adipositivity Project: A Decade of Feminism, Flesh, and Fat Acceptance

Please join us on Wednesday, October 24, 3:30 to 5 pm in McCue Auditorium to hear Substantia Jones, photo-activist and creator of the fat acceptance campaign, The Adipositivity Project, speak and share her art.

The mission of The Adipositivity Project is to combat sizeist bigotry, foster informed discussion of body politics, and promote recognition of the individual’s physical autonomy, while encouraging critical thinking about the role of commerce in the way we view non-conforming bodies. Since 2007, photographer Substantia Jones has done that with a diverse, intersectional activism campaign which aims to normalize fat bodies through the visibility they’re ordinarily denied, subverting the tool most commonly used to promote body shame: photography. By parading positive images of that which we’re told we should reject, hide, and alter, the project’s goal is to put artful photographs of unapologetic fat people—happy beings displaying their nude bodies without shame—in front of as many eyes as possible.

Jones discusses the project’s origins, launch, changing goals, and successes in getting her images seen all over the world, resulting in awakened feedback from dozens of countries. Also covered will be her experiences with nude photo shoots on the streets of New York City, often interrupted by the less-than-enthusiastic NYPD.

By purveying positive and neutral visual representation for fat people, the project’s message is to love and respect our bodies, and allow others to love and respect their own. It may sound easily achievable, but in a time of widespread hate fueled by a $66-billion-a-year US weight loss industry, it’s not so simple.

Jones will also discuss how attendees may themselves get involved with ongoing projects and how they might create their own personal visual re-programming in order to more effectively advocate for their movement.

Sponsored by Hazen Center for Integrated Care, Residential Life, Women and Gender Studies, Healthcare Studies, The Committee on Disability and Access, and the Office of Diversity and Inclusion.



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