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Travel Bans

Please see important information on travel bans to North Carolina and Mississippi.

Campus Reminder: As you may have already read in the local media, in reaction to certain legislation enacted by the states of North Carolina and Mississippi, Governor Cuomo has issued Executive Orders 155 and 156 banning all non-essential travel to North Carolina and Mississippi. This travel ban applies to all travel funded by the University, State, or Research Foundation, including travel funded from State IFR or Research Foundation multiple sponsor accounts or by another New York State agency. Our office has provided a link to both Executive Order 155 (NC) and Executive Order 156 (MS) below.

In order to comply with this Executive Order, please do not schedule, make deposits, or incur any expenses related to travel to North Carolina or Mississippi as it is prohibited at this time.

For state funded travel questions about this policy, please contact Chelsea Donnelly below.



Chelsea Donnelly, 395-2338,

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