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Winter Shutdown Survey

The College is seeking input from all employees regarding the winter shutdown period.

For several years, we have significantly reduced services for the two weeks after the fall final exams. Initially, this was implemented as a cost-saving mechanism; if we do not fully heat the buildings during the last two weeks of December, the thinking went, we would save energy costs.

The reality is, many people still work on campus during this period, and several offices need to be staffed because of the activities taking place. Moreover, the cost savings have not been as significant as hoped. We know that many people like to take vacation during this period (it is one of the quietest periods for most—though not all—offices). At the same time, those who have not yet acquired sufficient vacation days or do not wish to spend them at this time have been required to make alternate work arrangements.

This has sometimes meant working from a different location, which may not be convenient.

We want to ensure that the College is a great place to work. To that end, Cabinet is proposing to shorten the Winter Shutdown period to the time between the two public holidays of Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

If this proposal were to be implemented, individuals would still be able to take vacation days prior to the shutdown, just as they do now, but buildings would remain open and offices would remain partially staffed. If everyone in a particular area elected to take vacation days, it may still be possible to close the office for a longer period, but this would need to be negotiated on a case-by-case basis. President's Cabinet would welcome your feedback on this idea.

Please fill out the survey link below with your thoughts on the proposal. We are particularly interested to hear about any issues we may not have thought about, should the shutdown be shortened.

The survey will remain open until February 15, 2019.



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