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Environmental Science and Ecology Students and Faculty Presented at Conference

Graduate student Tom Bianchi, former graduate student Matt Futia, and Associate Professor Jacques Rinchard presented their research at the 53rd Annual Meeting of the New York Chapter American Fisheries Society held in Poughkeepsie, February 6-8.

Oral presentations:

- Bianchi, T, Connerton, M., Weidel, B., Futia, M., and Rinchard, J. Oocyte development of age 2 alewife in Lake Ontario.

- Futia, M., Weidel, B., Connerton, M., and Rinchard, J. Can fish have too much fat? Lower thiamine concentrations in salmonines associated with the consumption of fatty alewife.

Poster presentations:

- Rinchard, J., Beers, M., Bianchi, T., and Futia, M. Comparison of prey fish fatty acid signatures among The Finger Lakes.

- Rinchard, J., Noonan, J, Futia, M., Bianchi, T., Sanderson, M., Prindle, S., Todd, M., Lake, C., and Yuille, M. Lake-wide comparison of Chinook salmon condition after pen-rearing in Lake Ontario.

Matt Beers and Josh Noonan are undergraduate students working in Dr. Rinchard's lab.


Jacques Rinchard, jrinchar@brockport.edu

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