Recruiting groups/organizations/departments to participate in the Tunnel of Oppression: The College at Brockport

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Recruiting groups/organizations/departments to participate in the Tunnel of Oppression

We are inviting respective departments, faculty members, clubs, and organizations to create a room that would educate students and the Brockport community about a variety of social issues.

This event seeks to educate the Brockport community on a variety of social issues regarding privilege, oppression, and equality for all. This annual event is one that brings together a variety of student populations and perspectives, including cultural organizations, service organizations, and a plethora of academic disciplines. It truly is a collaborative event that needs support and participation of various departments at our college. Other offices and student groups lend their support through time and energy spent to make the program a success. We rely heavily on recognized clubs and organizations to create rooms throughout The Tunnel.

Tunnel of Oppression falls February 26–28 this year. It would be ideal for us to get confirmation from your respective departments within the next week. We look forward to your collaboration and support.

Please email with any questions.


Chitsatt Myothant

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