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College Recognition Dinner

May 23, 2019

Second notice for the 2019 College Recognition Dinner

Plans are underway by the BASC Conferences and Events office for the 2019 College Recognition Dinner to be held this year on May 23. Each year, Human Resources is asked to share the names of all recent retirees and those planning to retire in the near future, plus the names of employees who have served the College for many years.

BASC is only in the pre-planning stages for the event but has requested the names for an upcoming announcement and for the dinner program. In the past, we have received requests from individuals who do not wish to participate in the Recognition Dinner. If you do not wish to have your retirement plans or your years of service with the College released to the Committee, please let us know, and your name will be removed from the list. If we do not receive a response from you by March 11, we will assume that you are consenting to the release of your name.

Please contact the Office of Human Resources at 395-2126 or Lucinda Dumaw,, at 395-5128.


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