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Let the Inspection Begin!

The Annual Fire Code Compliance Inspection has begun

The Office of Environmental Health and Safety would like to thank those of you who have worked either on your own or with our department to remediate potential fire code issues in your work areas. The response that we have seen this year has been very noticeable and positive, and we very much appreciate your assistance.

Please note that the NYS Fire Marshall will be on campus over the next several weeks to perform the annual Fire Code Inspection. During this time, you will see him, a member of Facilities, someone from our department, and perhaps your building coordinator or RA/RD going through the buildings on campus. We will try to minimize any disruptions to your activities while we are in your areas.

Some items that were discovered in Monday’s inspection include:

- Fire doors propped open when there is no one in the area. This cannot occur, even if you are just popping out to use the restroom or grab a cup of coffee.

- Access to exit doors and pathways being blocked with furniture or equipment.

- The use of extension cords instead of surge protectors.

- Materials being stored too close to the ceiling (18” for areas with sprinklers, 24” for areas without).

Not only can these items result in very large monetary fines to the campus, they also jeopardize the safety of our students, employees, and visitors. As such, the Office of Environmental Health & Safety strongly urges that you read the previous two daily eagle postings regarding typically encountered violations, and fix any issues that are in your work areas immediately.

As always, we thank you for helping us to ensure that The College at Brockport is a safe environment in which to live, work and learn.


Elizabeth Gregory, egregory@brockport.edu

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