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Celebrating Brockport OER Champions

Some of Brockport’s Open Educational Resources (OER) faculty champions are featured in a Drake Memorial Library display highlighting the impacts OER is having in their classes.

Excerpts of impact OER is having are shown below. Stop by the south end of Drake's main floor to see the display and examples of OER textbooks. If you are interested in participating in the OER program, please contact M. J. Orzech, 395-2141.

Mike Chojnowski

Lecturer, Department of English

English 102 College Composition

Previous textbook cost - $100

"OER is an outstanding innovation for a sustainable, environmentally friendly college campus. Students are given open access to a wide variety of academic materials and resources that are easily accessible through Blackboard, tablets, and smartphones."

Jason Dauenhauer, PhD

Professor, Department of Social Work

Director, Multigenerational Engagement

Social Work 310 Research Methods

Previous textbook cost - $100

Dr. Dauenhauer asked students in his SWO 310 class for their feedback regarding use of OER this semester. Here’s a quote from one of the students regarding cost savings:

"I was excited to find out that I didn’t have to spend a couple hundred dollars to purchase this textbook. I know from my experience and from talking to other people that books are a primary source of financial discomfort, so to have any resources that are low to no cost is wonderful."

Elizabeth Heavey, PhD, CNM, RN

Professor, Department of Nursing

Graduate Program Director

Nursing 566 Health Policy and Advocacy

Previous textbook cost - $90

"I try to use open educational resources, or develop my own, whenever I am able to do so because it helps relieve some of the financial burden students face when they return to school. OERs help me support my students so they have a few less hours to work and a few more to devote to the other demands in their lives."

Kristin Heffernan, PhD

Professor, Department of Social Work

Social Work 310 Research Methods

Previous textbook cost - $94

“I think that participation in OER is essential to student learning. From my experience, most students who haven’t purchased textbooks have stated it was because they are too expensive.”

Gabriel Prajitura, PhD

Professor, Department of Mathematics

Math 457 Real Analysis

Previous textbook cost - $140

“I have been using textbooks I made for a long time. One of them has been used 22 times since 2006. I can edit them whenever I want, I can change the order of some sections, and I can make use of new ways of presenting the material that I see at conferences or in professional journals.”




M. J. Orzech, morzech@brockport.edu, 395-2141

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