New! Library Research Modules for H Courses

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New! Library Research Modules for H Courses

Help the students in your H course with Drake Library's new online research modules.

The Information Literacy Team of librarians want to help your students navigate to better resources without getting overwhelmed.

Our new online modules can help! Consider assigning your students one or both of these modules, which include videos, interactive tutorials, and quizzes. Modules specifically recommended for your H course:

Evaluating Information—helps students consider: What is authority? What is bias? How do I choose the best web source? Students will learn about these topics, as well as how to identify and debunk fake news.

Sources of Information—helps students consider the ways in which information has value, and understand concepts like primary vs. secondary sources, peer review, and how to read scholarly materials.

How to assign a module:

1. Visit and review the modules.

2. Choose one or both whole modules to assign. Or, select a few key videos, tutorials, or quizzes that you think are the most relevant.

3. Copy and share the links with your students.

Remember: Students should never struggle for more than 10 minutes with their research. Please encourage your students to use our Ask a Librarian services.

Thank you for helping the library pilot our new information literacy tutorials.


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