100% FALL Online Course Review + Successful Refresh + Teaching in the Fall = Cash In Hand: The College at Brockport

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100% FALL Online Course Review + Successful Refresh + Teaching in the Fall = Cash In Hand

Over the Summer, subject your 100% online course to the OSCQR process to make learning easier and more effective, allowing your course to embrace the goal of being “...a Great College at which to Learn.”

Academic Systems & Instructional Support (ASIS) is now offering OSCQR (The Open SUNY Course Quality Review) Course Reviews for faculty teaching 100% online courses. One of our team members will review your online course and offer feedback relating to the organization, navigation and accessibility of your course and layout. The review does not address course content, only the structure and design of your course.

A completed feedback form covering 50 universally accepted best practices and standards will be provided to the participating faculty member (see attachment). Once those corrections/changes are made, a follow up course review will be scheduled to ensure all documented modifications have been addressed.

If you are an online ‘veteran’ (have taught online for many years at Brockport) OR

If you are teaching online for the first time at Brockport (but have extensive experience teaching online at another school), we recommend an OSCQR.

If you have never taught online, we strongly recommend that you enroll in our Introduction to Online Teaching (IOT) class. This class will introduce you to our learning management system and best practices related to online teaching and learning.

Instructors who earn the Introduction to Online Teaching (IOT) or OSCQR program certificate, receive a one-time $500 recognition stipend when their first 100% online course goes “live” and $250 for each subsequent new online course developed within three years from earning their most recent certificate from the Office of Special Sessions & Programs

ASIS will place you on the list for completion based on a first come first served basis. Please email CourseDesign@Brockport.edu with the name of the course/courses to be reviewed, the section number, and the semester/year of the course.

If you have any questions, please contact Jeff Thompson, Assistant Director of ASIS, or Priya Banerjee, Interim Director, Office of Special Sessions and Programs.





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