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New Mac Antivirus – Bitdefender

Bitdefender replacing Sophos Antivirus (AV) for Brockport’s Macintosh computers – IT Working to keep you safe!

Our current antivirus support – SOPHOS – has ended, and is being replaced with Bitdefender GravityZone on Macintosh computers. People with SOPHOS will still see the blue S icon in their menu bar. People with Bitdefender will see the white B icon.

If you have the blue S icon, or have the SOPHOS app in your application folder, please place a ticket with the service desk so we can schedule the removal of SOPHOS, and installation of Bitdefender. People with the white B icon don't need to take any action.

IT Service Desk Ticketing System

IT Service Desk Phone

(585) 395-5151 option 1



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