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1949-2019 Jigsaw Celebrates 70 Years!

The English Club's literary magazine, Jigsaw is in its 70th year of publication.

In 1949 the English Club launched their annual student literary magazine, titled Vistas. Clarence Styza, English, was lead advisor to the new publication. With some title changes, the publication has continued on to the present day, now known as Jigsaw. 2019 marks its' 70th year of publication.

Matt Kensek '19, is this years Editor-in-Chief. He made a great connection with Brockport history with this years issue. His cover art features artwork originally done by John Nelson '55 for the 1954 issue of Vistas, the predecessor to Jigsaw.

Student literary work is as old as the school itself. Eugenia Hartwell for example, who attended our forerunner, the Brockport Collegiate Institute, was a poet, a volume of whose work was published in 1855 after her untimely death in childbirth.


Charlie Cowling, ccowling@brockport.edu

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