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"Art In A Trunk"

A book is published about a remarkable local discovery.

A few years ago, Sue Savard, a leading volunteer at the village museum, the Knapp Museum, discovered several trunks in the attic of the old Seymour house the museum is located in. Left unexamined for many decades, the trunks were found to contain a large number of notebooks, sketches, and paintings by Helen Hastings.

Helen Hastings was a known local figure, a gr-niece of William Seymour, a keen local historian, and the person who established the village museum. No one had realized, however, that in her youth she had been such an artist! It turns out that she had studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art from 1898-1904 under some of the leading art instructors of the day. Her notebooks and artwork are a fascinating window onto the art world of a century ago.

Sue Savard has transcribed the notebooks, the sketches have been scanned, and the resulting book would be a wonderful addition to anyone's local history or art collections. The book is "Helen Hastings Art In A Trunk," compiled by Sue Savard and available on amazon.com.



Charlie Cowling, ccowling@brockport.edu


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