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Flexible Spending Account: Adoption Advantage Account

M/C designated and NYSCOPBA-represented employees are eligible to enroll in the Adoption Advantage Account portion of the Flex Spending Account (FSA) effective June 1, 2019.

This type of FSA allows eligible state employees the opportunity to set aside pre-tax deductions for expenses related to adopting a child. Eligible expenses include home study and application fees, reasonable and necessary legal adoption fees, court costs, attorney fees, agency fees, medical services and counseling, travel and lodging fees, and other expenses which are directly related to a legal adoption as defined by IRS guidelines.

Although employees won't save FICA on the amount set aside in adoption assistance accounts, they will save federal and state tax (where applicable). Currently the annual IRS contribution limit for pre-tax payroll contributions to an adoption account is $13,810.

Newly eligible employees can enroll for the remainder of the plan year with an eligible change in status application. Employees can access more information by visiting the FSA website, calling customer service, or through email. All contact information can be found below.



fsa@goer.ny.gov or 1-800-358-7202

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