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Roll-out of Everfi Online Modules for Compliance-Related Training

Including current completion rate of the first module, "Hazard Communication," rolled out to staff in May.

On behalf of Jim Wall, Vice President for Administration and Finance

We are pleased to announce the roll-out of Everfi, a web-based platform for delivering compliance-related training, coordinated through the Office of Human Resources.

The Everfi training modules will be rolled in phases:

The first module, "Hazard Communication," was made available to 748 staff on May 17, 2019 19 (due June 30, 2019), and will be made available to faculty in the fall. This module familiarizes you with the way the college communicates the hazards of chemicals commonly in use throughout campus.

As of June 20, 434 staff have completed the module, 44 are in progress, and 270 have not yet begun (see attached pie chart). If you have not yet completed your module, please do so by the June 30 deadline. Thank you.

Additional modules will be rolled-out in the future, with ample time given for completion.

These modules will be emailed to you from “State University of New York – Brockport,” and records of all trainings assigned to you will be maintained in the Everfi system. You may occasionally receive automatic reminders for any modules you have yet to fully complete.

We hope you look forward to this streamlined and automated approach to training.



Laurie A. Smith,

Faculty/Staff News

Human Resources

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