Effective June 25, 2019 All Waiver of Search and Temporary Position Requests will be Processed through EagleEmploy: The College at Brockport

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Effective June 25, 2019 All Waiver of Search and Temporary Position Requests will be Processed through EagleEmploy

Any paper requests submitted prior to June 25 will still be processed. Read the full article for instructions on how to submit a request in EagleEmploy.

All Hiring Managers and Hiring Delegates will now process temporary hires through job requisitions in EagleEmploy. The information we previously requested on paper will now be processed electronically through EagleEmploy to make our temporary hiring more efficient. Instructions are as follows:

1. Call the Office of Human Resources at 395-2126 to discuss your need for a temporary employee (under 16 weeks) and/or a waiver of search (over 16 weeks and up to 1 year).

2. In EagleEmploy, click on “New position requisition” to open a blank requisition.

Items 3-9 briefly describe how to complete the following fields when submitting a Waiver of Search or Temporary Position Request.

3. Position Details - Complete required fields. Note:

a. In the “Local Title (Campus Title)” field, add “ – Temporary” after the local title as illustrated here: “Secretary 1 – Dance – Temporary.” If requesting an extension to a temporary position, append the extension appropriately (EXT 1) at the end of the local title (e.g. Secretary 1 – Dance – Temporary – EXT 1, Secretary 1- Dance – Temporary – EXT 2).

b. In the “How is the position funded?” field, select either “Temporary Service Funds – Department Funds” or “Temporary Service Funds – College Salary Pool.” “Temporary Service Funds – College Salary Pool” is only selected when the position’s permanent line is vacant or to provide coverage for a leave (must be approved by President’s Cabinet).

4. In the section titled “Waiver of Search / Temporary Position Request,” – complete the required fields.

a. Select the type of “Waiver of Search or Temporary” request.

b. Complete the required field “Reason for Request.”

c. The “Anticipated Search Date” field should be used to enter the date when a search will commence for this position.

5. In the section titled “Position Justification” the fields should be completed if required within your Division. Otherwise, enter “N/A” in each field.

6. Search Committee Chair – the Hiring Manager is also the Search Committee Chair.

7. Screening Checklist Criteria – Skip this section.

8. Posting Details – Complete required fields.

9. Users and Approvals – Select the Waiver of Search or Temporary approval process that corresponds with your request.

A Job Requisition must be submitted and approved in EagleEmploy BEFORE offering a temporary position. Please contact the Recruitment and Retention Specialists, Gloria Lear or Kristin Hartway, with any questions.


Office of Human Resources, 395-2126

Human Resources

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