Throwback Thursday: The College at Brockport

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Throwback Thursday

Sideburns and microfilm!

The archives maintains a page on Facebook (see below link), and recently, we got a message about a post from some time ago. The image in the post is shown here, but until now, it was not known who the young man in the photo was.

The photo is part of a set of slides for a "virtual" tour of the library, 1971 style. Back then, the library was in the original Drake, which is today's Rakov. At that time, microfilm was a big thing, and in this photo, Tim Fabrizio, as we now know him, is showing how to use a microfilm reader. Thanks to the person who messaged us on Facebook, college retiree Greg Ketchum, we now know that it was Tim and were able to contact him. He was rather surprised to get an email with photos like this of himself almost a half century ago!



Charlie Cowling,


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