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Premier Art Exhibit

A fascinating exhibit is coming to the Knapp Museum the weekend of September 14.

As some know, a couple of years ago there was a significant discovery in the attic of the Village of Brockport's Knapp Museum. Volunteer Sue Savard found a set of trunks, long unopened, which turned out to hold original artwork, artist's notebooks, and related materials. They belonged to Helen Hastings, who was a great-niece of William Seymour (local inventor) and she had lived in the Seymour house at 49 State Street, where the village museum is now located.

Helen, who died in the 1950s, was well known as a local history writer, and founder of the village museum, but no one had known anything about her artistic work as a young woman. At the turn of the last century she had studied at a prestigious art school in Philadelphia, with some of the top artists of the day, and the paintings and materials found capture that experience, as later efforts. Her active artwork seems to have ended at some point, and she shifted her focus toward history.

Sue Savard has worked with local artist Sarah Hart to learn more about these materials, and a book has even been published on them. Local photographer Greg Lawrence generously scanned the artwork. Now a studio room will be unveiled at the museum to showcase Helen Hastings work. See the attached poster for details.



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