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Brockway #1

A little building history...

This 1967 photo of construction on campus helps explain something that may have puzzled many people over the years, namely, why is there a building cornerstone dated 1959 inside the main structure of the Seymour Union, which was built in 1967-1968?

The answer can be seen in the photo. The building has the name "Brockway Dining Hall" on it. This was the first separate dining hall on campus, built in 1959. It replaced the dining hall in the student union, which back then was Lathrop. As the college continued to grow, it was decided to build more dining halls, and expand Brockway into a full student union building, to be named Seymour. Later the name Brockway was transferred to one of the new dining halls in the quad.

The construction not only expanded all around the exisiting Brockway #1, but they even dug under it, adding a basement and new foundation! An architectural firm is doing a study of Seymour, and they asked for historical information on the building.


Charlie Cowling,


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