The Douglas A. Feldman LGBTQ Paper Award is accepting applications until May 15: The College at Brockport

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The Douglas A. Feldman LGBTQ Paper Award is accepting applications until May 15

November 15, 2019 12:00 am–11:59 pm

Please promote this opportunity to students. This paper competition (see full criteria) encourages undergraduate students to submit an academic research paper that focus on the social and cultural aspects of LGBTQ life and experiences. $1,000 prize!

This paper prize was established by Dr. Douglas A. Feldman, Professor of Anthropology, Emeritus, beginning in 2014 to support the Diversity mission at The College at Brockport.

The winner will receive $1,000 and the runner-up will receive $100. Recognition occurs at the 2020 annual Diversity Conference.

The criteria for the annual award are as follows:

• Undergraduate student during the Fall 2019 and/or the Spring 2020 semesters in any major at The College at Brockport.

• Submit an academic research paper (including revised papers originally written for classes) that focus on the social and cultural aspects of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, “queer,” non-binary, and/or intersex life and experiences.

• Students may submit one paper per year but are only eligible to receive the overall award one time. Runner-up winners may submit again for the overall prize, but may not win the runner-up prize again.

• The paper must be between nine and 20 pages of text. It must be typed, double-spaced, have text citations, have page numbers, be Arial font, and use 12-point type. Include a title page, with your name and the title of your paper, and references cited pages (these may count as additional pages).

• It cannot be homophobic or anti-gay.

• Papers should either present the empirical (based on experience or observation) findings of LGBTQ research conducted by the student, a review of academic empirical research conducted by other scholars, be historical, be biographical, or be cross-cultural.

• It must be comprehensible to most intelligent readers, clearly written, and preferably use non-jargon language. If jargon language is used, it must be clearly defined.

• The best paper will be selected based on quality, relevance to the topic, importance of the topic, excellence in research methods and/or theory, and originality of writing.

• Papers will be reviewed by a seven member faculty and community committee and will be awarded at the Diversity Conference at Brockport in fall 2020.

• Submit papers as an email attachment to Dr. Douglas A. Feldman at or as part of an application in Academic Works at the link below. Please indicate that you are submitting this paper for consideration for the award.

• Papers will be accepted beginning November 15, 2019, but no later than May 15, 2020.

Hosted by the Department of Anthropology and supported by The Douglas A. Feldman LGBTQ Paper Award Fund through the Brockport Foundation.




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