December – Closed Caption Month

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December – Closed Caption Month

Captioning Videos - Why and How

Closed Captions are text versions of audio content, synchronized with a video. Captions allow the content of web audio and video to be accessible to those who do not have access to audio. Though captioning is primarily intended for those who cannot hear the audio, it has also been found to help those that can hear audio content, those who may not be fluent in the language in which the audio is presented, those for whom the language spoken is not their primary language, etc. On the web, synchronized, equivalent captions should be provided any time multimedia content (generally meaning both visual and auditory content) is present.

In Blackboard, video content added to My Media can have free auto-captions added.

To order and edit captions in Blackboard’s My Media, view the step-by-step instructions on the ASIS website (ASIS Training – Ordering and Editing Captions Reference Guide) using the link below.




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