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American Democracy Book Club...Making Of A Democratic Economy

March 26, 2020 6:30 pm–8:00 pm

Majorie Kelly author of "Making Of A Democratic Economy Building Prosperity for the Many Not the Few" will visit campus on March 26.

The American Democracy Projects invites all members of our campus community to join our Spring Semester book club. The chosen book is "The Making of a Democratic Economy: Building an Economy for the Many not the Few" by Marjorie Kelly and Ted Howard. More about the book and author below.

Majorie Kelly will be on campus to engage in a dialogue about her ideas on March 26 from 6-8.30 pm in the McCue Auditorium.

We want to extend the impact of her visit by holding conversations among members of our campus community about her vision for economic democracy. Sign up for one of the discussion sessions through CELT linked below - and pick up your free book from the CELT office. You can also learn about a local project, OWN Rochester, based on Kelly's ideas linked below.

Thanks to Bob Baker and Katherine Drake of CELT for help coordinating this project. Thanks also to Alyshia O'Connor and Donna Napier for assistance getting the books, and to Stephen Zambotti for the poster design.

Discussion Session Dates:

Wednesday, March 12, from 2–3 pm

Tuesday, March 31, from 11 am–12 pm

Wednesday, April 1, from 10–11 am

Discussion at Downtown TBA. Please contact Susan Orr or Steve Hanmer if you would like to join.

"The Making of a Democratic Economy: Building an Economy for the Many Not the Few" is a clarion call for a movement ready to get serious about transforming our economic system. Illuminating the principles of a democratic economy through the stories of on-the-ground community wealth builders and their unlikely accomplices in the halls of institutional power. We live in a world where 26 billionaires own as much wealth as half the planet's population. The extractive economy we live with now enables the financial elite to squeeze out the maximum gain for themselves, heedless of damage to people or planet. But Marjorie Kelly and Ted Howard show that there is a new economy emerging focused on helping everyone thrive while respecting planetary boundaries.

Learn more about Majorie Kelly below.




Susan Orr: or Steve Hanmer:

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