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Christopher Thomas Published new Edited Volume on Water Justice

Dr. Christopher Thomas from the Department of Communications published an edited volume and self-authored work on water, rhetoric, and justice.

Dr. Christopher Thomas, along with two other authors, recently published a book entitled "Water, Rhetoric, and Social Justice: A Critical Confluence" (Lexington Books).

The edited collection examines how individuals and communities have responded on a global scale to present-day water crises as matters of social justice, through oratory, mass demonstration, deliberation, testimony, and other rhetorical appeals. Contributors highlight discourse and water justice movements in nonofficial spheres from activists, artists, and the grassroots. In extending the technical, economic, moral, and political conversations on water justice, this collection applies special focus on the novel rhetorical concepts and responses not necessarily unique to but especially enacted in water justice situations.

Dr. Thomas's self-authored research appears in the edited collection and explores the rhetorical appeals of child activists fighting for environmental sustainability. In particular, Dr. Thomas examines the activism of 11-year-old Little Miss Flint and how her age both constrains and enables a sense of water justice in Flint, Michigan.



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