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Awardees Announced for Internal Grants

Congratulations to the awardees of the Pre-Tenure Grants Development Award, the Provost's Post-Tenure Fellowship, and the Scholarly Incentive Award.

Congratulations to the following awardees of the Internal Grants!

Pre-Tenure Grants Development Fenton Endowed Award:

Dr. Afeez Hazzan

EnhAnCing QualiTy of LIfe Of African-AmericaN CAregivers ThRough Creative AcTivitieS (“ACTION ARTS”)

Scholarly Incentive Endowed Vestling – Casey Award

Dr. Jacques Rinchard

Evaluation of reproductive potential of deepwater sculpin from Lake Ontario

Provost's Post-Tenure Fellowship

Dr. Ruhan Zhao Operator

Theory on Spaces of Analytic Functions of Several Complex Variables

Dr. Francis M Kozub

Examining the use of function-based, antecedent physical activity intervention on older adolescents with developmental disabilities and challenging behaviors

Dr. Jennifer Ratcliff

Factors Promoting Posttraumatic Growth in Sexual Minority Adults Following Stigmatizing Bullying Experiences in Adolescence

Dr. Jie Zhang

Revising and validating an accessible online course of " Introduction to Special Education” with 100% Open Educational Resources (OER)

Scholarly Incentive Award:

Dr. Susan Lowey

Future Health Professionals Interest in Older Adults: A Grounded Theory Exploring Students’ Perspectives

Dr. Kathleen Olmstead

Literacy for All Students

Dr. Jennifer Ramsay

Archaeobotanical Sampling of the Late Neolithic Structures near Wadi al-Qattafi, in the Black

Stevie Oakes

Engagement in a new creative process with emerging, NYC based choreographer

Dr. Rongkun Shen

Expanding the storage capacity of the current DELL server

Dr. Neal Keating

Preliminary Research for a Study of Bunong Language Ecologies in Vietnam

Dr. Ewelina Barski-Moskal

Second language acquisition of object pronouns in Spanish at the beginner and intermediate language levels

Dr. Alexander Smith

The Sinis Archaeological Project, a multidisciplinary, diachronic survey of the Sinis Peninsula and the surrounding landscapes of West-Central Sardinia, Italy

James Hansen

Gender and Modern Dance

Dr. Hong Yin

Solvability of forward-backward stochastic partial differential equations with non-Lipschitz coefficients

Dr. Jennifer Haytock

War and American Literature

Dr. Marium Abugasea Heidt & Dr. Janka Szilagyi

Students' and parents' perceptions on world (foreign) language learning and how this predicts longevity of world language learning.

Dr. Barbara LeSavoy

COIL and NYI international teaching and research activities in Russia

Dr. Robert Dobmeier

Adult perceptions of sexual abuse by clergy

Dr. Carl Davila

An Andalusian Music Manuscript at the Biblioteca Nacional in Madrid


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