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More On-Demand MachForm Workshops Added!

Sign up now for one-on-one MachForm Training via Blackboard, intended to help you move your paper processes online!

MachForm is the perfect tool to move your paper processes online. The MoTek Team is well prepared to help create electronic forms and to teach you how to create forms yourself.

After you sign up for a workshop, you will be contacted regarding what MachForm topics you want to learn about. Choose from:

1. Introduction to MachForm

Learn how to create a basic form or survey. MachForm enables faculty, staff, and select students to create and manage forms of all types, such as surveys, information requests, applications, and more.

2. Using Logic in MachForm

Learn how to use logic to show/hide fields and skip pages based on users’ responses to previous questions.

3. Approval Workflows

Learn how to set up approval workflows that let you build forms requiring one or more administrative approval(s) for each submission. When the end-user of your form submits an entry, the approvers will be notified and prompted to approve/deny the entry.

4. Email Notifications

Learn how to generate and customize several types of email notifications.

5. Web-based Reports Summarizing Form Data

MachForm includes a reporting dashboard that can display form entry data in real-time.

Training is offered between Friday, March 27 and April 3, but more will be added as needed.



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