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Celebrating The American Soldier Transcribathon Project

The completion of the American Soldier Transcribathon project was celebrated on VE Day, Friday, May 8. Brockport faculty are featured in interview reflecting on student impact of working with uncensored surveys from World War II soldiers.

For the past two years, Drake Memorial Library has invited students in History and Social Work classes, Friends of Drake Library, and others in the community to help transcribe handwritten surveys from soldiers in World War II. The digital humanities project is part of a larger effort led by Dr. Edward Gitre at Virginia Tech with support from the National Endowment for the Humanities, National Archives, Zooniverse, and others.

In total, the crowdsourced initiative transcribed over 65,000 primary source surveys ahead of schedule. A video interview with Dr. Jason Dauenhauer (social work), Dr. Mary Jo Orzech (Drake Library) and Dr. Jamie Spiller (history) provided an opportunity to reflect on student impact of this experience. Thank you to all who participated! See video link below.



M. J. Orzech: morzech@brockport.edu

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