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New EagleEmploy Onboarding Portal

We are excited to announce that our onboarding portal through EagleEmploy will go live for new professional hires on June 1, 2020!

Why is this so important?

- An effective onboarding process attracts and retains top talent, engages employees from the start, builds trust and alignment, creates connections between employees, encourages open communications, and supports longevity.

What does this mean for new employees?

- This means that starting June 1, professional employees hired will have access to essential information as soon as they accept their offer in EagleEmploy.

- They will have access to information such as how to obtain their parking permit, where to park on their first day, new employee forms, and much more!

What does this mean for supervisors and administrative support?

- Not only do new employees receive access to this portal, but supervisors will also have access on their EagleEmploy Dashboard to assist them in onboarding their new employees efficiently and effectively.

A full onboarding portal walk-through is also available on Blackboard under the Human Resources - Content - Onboarding page.

The recruitment team in the Office of Human Resources will be conducting walk-through sessions for supervisors and administrative support, and will also be available to assist 1:1 as needed. Please contact Kristin Hartway at for 1:1 assistance and questions.

Faculty and Classified are the next recruitment types that will be rolled out – stay tuned!!!



Office of Human Resources: (585) 395-2126

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