Protect the Nest Safety Walks — A Call for Volunteers

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Protect the Nest Safety Walks — A Call for Volunteers

In order to continue to educate the community about the college’s health and safety COVID policies, we are organizing volunteers to participate in Protect the Nest Safety Walks for both on campus and in the Village of Brockport.

We are seeking two to three volunteers from 4–6 pm, for each location (on campus and in the Village of Brockport) for the following dates: Thursday, September 10, Friday, September 11, and Saturday, September 12 and also, Thursday, September 17, Friday, September 18, and Saturday, September 19.

The overall goal of these safety walks both on campus and in the Village is to observe for non-compliance to our COVID policies and address non-compliance through motivational and educational strategies, observe for large gatherings and educate on the risks and that large gatherings are prohibited. This is an opportunity to do your part to educate students and the college community on the importance of following the policies for the health and safety of our faculty, staff, and students.

Please use the Brockport Village or the On-Campus link below to sign up for the respective location and date in which you are able to volunteer. Volunteer groups will be accompanied by an Officer during the walkabout. Volunteers will be contacted and provided a description of their role and a detailed instruction handout that will prepare them for their role in this walk.

For more information contact: Karen Logsdon.

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Karen Logsdon:

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