Remote International Internships Available for Spring 2021

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Remote International Internships Available for Spring 2021

The Spring 2021 Brockport Remote International Internships provide students the opportunity to experience work life in Dublin, Ireland, or Prague, Czech Republic, from home!

The deadline for the Spring 2021 Remote Internship Program is November 16!

Feeling stuck at home? Expand your horizons with incredible international work experience in Dublin or Prague.

What Students Gain:

A series of professional development workshops that focus on global communication, interviewing and working at a distance, and goal-setting through EUSA’s Growth Tracker;

Customized remote international internship placement;

Cultural activities and exercises to help you adapt to your internship culture;

Speaker series offered remotely through the SUNY Washington, DC, Internship Program;

Research paper led by Political Science and International Studies faculty;

Career Services Workshop: Building your resume and interview tips;

Insider’s Guide: Graduate School Admissions Workshop;

Continuous support from EUSA’s experienced staff.

The program advisor, Michaela Luedke, is offering advising appointments for interested students. Connect with her ASAP at to set up a time to chat!



Michaela Luedke:


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