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Top 3 ways to connect your online/hybrid students to library help

Online and hybrid students might not know the library is here to help them. Here are the top 3 ways you can connect your online and hybrid students to library resources.

At Drake Memorial Library, we are here to support you and your students as you teach your online or hybrid course. We know many online and hybrid students don’t come into the library. They might not know the library is here to help them. Here are three great ways to connect your students to us.

Top 3 Ways to Connect Your Online and Hybrid Students to Library Resources:

1) Email or call the library to schedule a meet-up with a librarian to learn more about library resources for online and hybrid learning.

2) Copy and paste the message below in Blackboard, email it to your students, and/or add it to your syllabus:

Hello from Drake Library! The library has gathered the best online library resources for you. Visit the Online & Hybrid Students’ Guide to Library Resources at to learn how you can access:

- help from a librarian

- thousands of eBooks

- articles from thousands of journals, magazines, and newspapers

- many partner libraries

3) Request Librarian on Demand instructional support. Librarians have experience teaching research and information literacy skills to online and hybrid students. Visit Faculty & Staff Support: Instruction for Classes to learn more.

You can visit our Faculty & Staff Support web page for an overview of library support.


Call us: 585-395-2760

email us:

contact: or 585-395-2760
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