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Computing Sciences Students conduct Service Learning with Community Organizations

This fall, CIS students carried out technology interventions at local community organizations. Interventions ranged from computer training to more complex tasks, such as creating interactive calendars, maps, and websites.

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CIS students working with Asbury Day Care Center owner

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CIS students working with Barber Cuts owner

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CIS students working with Brightstar German Shepherd Rescue

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CIS students developed Interactive map for the Village's Parks

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CIS students working with Town/Gown Board to create a Community Calendar

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Information Technology for Development (CIS-487) Fall 2017 Class

Dr. Mehruz Kamal teaches a service learning-based course in the Computing Sciences department. Through this course, Computer Information Systems students work with local non-profits and micro-enterprises by assisting them with their technology needs. They meet with the clients every week to provide technology/training interventions. Throughout the fieldwork, students continue to meet in class to report on the progress and relate their fieldwork activities to the theory/lessons being discussed/learned in the classroom.

This fall, CIS students worked with the following community entities:

1) Village of Brockport Parks Committee

2) Village of Brockport Tree Board

3) Village of Brockport Town/Gown Board

4) Brightstar German Shepherd Rescue

5) Asbury Day Care Center

6) Lightways Journey

7) Barber Cuts

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