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Daily Eagle mastheadSat, Jan 19, 2019 — 9:47 am

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Dr. Jennifer Ramsay (Anthropology) quoted in the Newspaper Haaretz for her research in Israel.

Dr. Jennifer Ramsay was recently quoted along with her collaborators in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz for her archeobotanical work which contributed to interpreting conflict and climate change in the Negev desert at the site of Shivta.

Jen at Chuch at Shivta

An article from February 6 in the English version of Haaretz, titled "Historians Thought Early Christians, Muslims Coexisted Peacefully in Ancient Shivta, Archaeologists Show Otherwise"

'The Negev village had survived for 800 years but some time after the Byzantine era, it sank into decline and would never recover' quotes Ramsay's archaeobotanical research in the region.

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